City of Newcastle Oklahoma

Planning and Zoning Department

Planning and Development Department
The Planning Division provides the following services:

  • Comprehensive development review and project application management
  • Comprehensive, long-range, and strategic planning
  • Small area neighborhood and sector planning
  • Planning-related data management and research
  • Coordination with Building Inspections
  • Annexation administration
  • Professional and administrative support for public boards and commissions

Development Review Services - Coordinates projects through the development process for the City of Newcastle including zoning, platting, and variances.

Comprehensive Planning Services - Conducts long and short range planning projects, coordinates annexations, updates and maintains the Newcastle Comprehensive Plan, conducts small-area plans, and provides research into historical and future development patterns of the City ofNewcastle.

Geographic Information System (GIS) - Develops, analyzes, maintains mapping databases, designs and produces map products.

Codified Ordinances

B12: Bridge to 2020
To view the entire document please contact or visit City Hall.

Zoning Map (Current 08-17-2015)

For more information concerning Planning and Zoning please contact (405)387-4427.