City of Newcastle Oklahoma


When You Get A Citation:

If you have not had to post bond at the time of the violation, then you have ten days from the date of the violation to appear at the court clerk's office. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. week days, except holidays. When you come in (in person) to the Court Clerk's office, you may pay the fine (or post bond if required), or set a court date to appear for trial at a later time set by the court clerk. If you just need an extension to pay your fine, you must still come in person within the ten days and plead on your case. Then an extension will be written down by the court clerk allowing you the extra time. You will be required to sign this form.


Fine and Bond Schedule:

The fines and bonds assessed in out-of-court payments are set by the Municipal Judge. A listing of these can be found here (will open in Adobe® Acrobat Reader™). The maximum punishment that can be assessed by our Court is $249, and/or 30 days in the County Jail. This maximum punishment has been established for charges of DUI, DUI/APC, DWI, Eluding, Battery on a Police Officer, and Possession of Marijuana or Drugs. The Municipal Judge may assess any fine up to the maximum limit on any charge which is taken to court.

Insurance Citations:

All persons receiving insurance citations must bring in proper proof of insurance to the Court Clerk's office before your court date will be dismissed with no charge. We must have an insurance verification form from your insurance company showing the vehicle is covered that you were driving. The insurance must have been valid on the vehicle before the citation was issued. If the citation is dismissed, there will be no charge. If you pay after your court date the fee $104. This payment will be accepted at City Hall,120 N.E. 2nd Street or by mail P.O. Box 179, Newcastle, OK 73065.


If you have a warrant for your arrest with the City of Newcastle you may call the Police Department at (405) 387-5525 for further information.

Municipal Court:

Newcastle Municipal Court is held in the City Council Chambers at Multi Purpose Center, located at 705 NW 10th Street. Court dates are assigned at the time your bond is posted at the Court Clerk's office. You may appear only on your assigned court date; you may speak with the Judge only if you appear on the court docket.

Codes and Ordinances