City of Newcastle Oklahoma

City of Newcastle Management & Staff

All offices (unless otherwise noted) of the City of Newcastle can be contacted by calling (405)387-4427 or visiting 120 NE 2nd Street. Office Hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Appointments are available.

City Manager / Assistant City Manager / City Clerk / City Treasurer / City Attorney / City Planner / Staff

City Manager

The City of Newcastle has adopted the form of government of council-manager, in which the elected Mayor and City Council establish policy. Those policies are implemented by the City Manager who is appointed by and reports to the City Council. The City Manager's Office is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the City's government, including the City's budgets, departments, operations and programs for communicating with the public.

Information available at the City Manager's Office include: City Council meeting dates and times, agendas and minutes; Copies of City Ordinances; City Council voting records, membership lists of City Boards, Committees and Trusts; and City Council Ward Maps.

Nick Nazar first came to City of Newcastle as the Assistant City Manager. Late 2006, Nazar was appointed to the Office of City Manager. Since taking office, Nazar has been effectively handling the anticipations of the growth while maintaining the current needs of the city. Nazar has a vast education in Municipalities and Economic Development. We consider Nazar to be a valuable asset to the growth and prosperity of Newcastle.

Nazar is the proud husband of Sandra and father of five.

Assistant City Manager

Kevin Self has served as Assistant City Manager for several years. His duties are defined by the City Manager, which include grant management, personnel management, contract arbitration, public safety coordination, and more. The Assistant City Manager serves as City Manager in the absence or incapacity of the City Manager. Mr. Self additionally serves as Emergency Manager for the city, and previously served the city as Fire Chief, having retired from a career in the fire service.

City Clerk

The City Clerk, Camille Dowers, is an officer of the city, appointed by the city manager for an indefinite term. The City Clerk serves as clerk for the council, is responsible for keeping records of all City Council proceedings, maintain custody of documents, records and archives, maintains City ordinances and resolutions passed by the council and Attest and affix the seal of the city to documents as required by law or by ordinance.

City Treasurer

The City Treasurer, Kimberly Coffman, is an officer of the city appointed by the council for an indefinite term. The City Treasurer shall deposit daily funds received for the city in depositories as the council designate and maintain payroll for entire city government.

City Attorney

The City Attorney, Ted Haxel, is the corporate legal counsel for the municipal corporation. The City Attorney provides legal services through prosecution of cases initiated by the City, defends actions brought against the City, provides legal opinions, legal advice on pertinent issues, provides research for the City Council, City Manager, City Staff, Boards and Commissions. The City Attorney attends all City Council meetings, attends various Board and Commission meetings as requested. This position is not regulated by Municipal Code. The City Attorney does not currently maintain an office at City Hall.

City Planner

The Community Development Director and City Planner, Rebecca Brewster, maintains geographically enabled databases documenting all the major components of the infrastructure and legally mandated management zones for the City. These Geographic Information Systems (GIS) include, but are not limited to: wastewater collection system, water distribution system and zoning to name a few. This position is not regulated by Municipal Code.

City Staff

The City has other staff that handles other areas of the government needs that are not regulated by Municipal Code. The City staff is dedicated to serving the needs of the community.

  • Executive Assistant to the City Manager: Dinah Alizadeh
  • Cashiering/Receptionist: Ryan Cruickshank
  • City Inspector and Code Enforcement: Michael Zimmerman
  • City Maintenance & Meter Reader: Michael Salsman
  • Planning Secretary: Kathy James
  • Court Clerk: Sarah Bristol
  • Human Resources: Doris Raab
  • Water Clerk: Vetia Culp
  • Information Technology: Scott Hannan


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